Pets are families, and they deserve the best


Nonita Mole

2/15/20232 min read

Dogs can play freely in our house , but in some instances, you need to keep them away for their own safety.

Like when you’re cleaning and vacuuming the floor , when there are newborns that need extra care, when your doing house renovations, when your furbaby is left alone and when you have visitors that may seem scared of dogs. Instead of putting them in the kennel , one of the best solutions is to put them in a safe and secured playpen where they have more rooms to play , eat, and stretch . It is important to note the height because there are some dogs that jump high like my Jack Russel terrier.

Here’s what I found in Amazon that is exactly what my dog needs . This medium/large size play pen with 36 inches height is only 71.27 CAD. This is very easy to assemble , even young kids can assemble it on their own. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

Comparing this with the price in other stores , I saved about 20$ and more. You might see some at less price, but remember, the height of the fence is critical. Those are normally 24-30 inches. And this one is 36 inches. And because I’m a prime member, I got it with free delivery . Dogs are family, and we always want the best for his comfort and safety.

Here’s the link for the play pen -

And if you’re worried about your fur baby escaping outdoors. You can add a cover for only 26.99 for 8 panels . Here’s the link for the cover :

Remember , just because we pay less doesn’t mean we love them less.

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