Hygiene tells more about our character


Nonita Mole

2/15/20232 min read

"Remember, just because we pay less doesn’t mean we love ourselves less."

I’ve been struggling to find a good product that works for my perspiring feet. Some people are gifted to have dry feet all days, and I’m not fortunate enough. Genetics has something to say about perspiring feet.

In Canada, where the weather is extreme, too cold or too warm at the same time, having wet feet does not only give discomfort, it also gives you smelly feet.

Here’s the solution I found after years of finding the best remedy. You won’t believe that this only cost 7.99 CAD. It really works, and you’ll be able to use one can for about 2-3 months . The smell is fresh and it keeps my feet dry all day at work. It is very effective even if you wear a steel toed shoes and boots. This product gives me more confidence wherever I go, even if it requires removing my shoes .

Here’s the link to the spray powder for only 7.99 CAD - https://amzn.to/3jXBdj3

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