Educational toys that will not break your budget


Nonita Mole

2/26/20231 min read

When it comes to my nephews and niece, I want toys that are both entertaining, fun, and educational. These toys will somehow help to divert their eyes from tablet, phones , PS4, Nintendo, and other computer games. And because kids get bored easily with the same toy , these shouldn’t be so expensive


If the kids love to dig, are interested in historical relics, or have a passion for archaeology, this science kit is perfect for them. It will be best to do these on a flat, sturdy surface . The digging might require some physical energy, so these will be good for kids 10 and up. It was boring at first, but once you discover the first fossil , it gets better. The more you dig , the deeper the learning process becomes. Here’s the link:

Watch how the game works in this video:

2. TWO-PACK LCD Writing Tablet.

This deal is only 14.99 CAD for 2 pcs. Link is

This is ideal for those with siblings, cousins, friends, and classmates to whom you want to have group work. And it’s actually great for adults who would like to draw to occupy their time or to entertain them. Watch how my 2 nephews ages 3 and 8 enjoyed the product(insert video and photos

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