The Adventures of

Misus Santiago

Exploring our new home: Manitoba, Canada

By Joan Mole Santiago

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It's been a while since I updated this blog. Life happens and so many things have come and go. Now with Covid 19, everyone has little choice, but to stay mostly at home. But occasional opportunities come into your life, to explore home. And when I say home, home now for us is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! We've migrated a couple of years ago and we're now settled in. Still with intermittent surprises, dramas, chaos, here and there but nothing we can't handle.


So off to a new start. And off to a new place to explore.


We had a day trip to visit Steep Rock Manitoba last August 15. It was around 236 km from Winnipeg or around 2.5 driving hours. Road condition is just right. We took MB Highway 6 and it was one of the most relaxing driving experiences so far. We passed by small towns but all flat grounds since Manitoba is a prairie land. The weather is perfect although the wind was kinda strong but which helped in our grilling (used charcoal so no need to fan it). 


It is nestled in the RM of Grahamdale and along the North-East shore of Lake Manitoba. During the 30s, the Canada Cement Lafarge Co. opened their quarry pit here. Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Manitoba, Steep Rock offers the most amazing sunsets, breathtaking views and fantastic cliffs and rock formations. 


You can visit their beach park and the limestone cliffs. The Steep Rock Beach Park is open daily to the general public from 9am-10pm. Since this is a provincial park, you have to register and pay minimal fees which is so worth it. The crystal clear shallow water is perfect for kids and for lounging. Parasailing, boating, kite-flying, camping, picnics are perfect especially during the August month. They have a beach resto though we haven't tried it. During this time, they are open but with restrictions. They have barbeque fire pits so you cam grill all you want. Just be careful with the fire. There are working outdoor shower area, washrooms, portalets and ample parking space. Just a warning, there is no signal in the area or you might get one, but super weak signal, so this is a perfect spot to unwind, rest and unplugged. 


Another area to explore is the limestone cliffs. One of the most photographed landmarks in Manitoba, the Cliffs of Steep Rock are made of limestone. And the thousand of years wave action has molded them into sheer drops, caves and other geological formations. The rocks are also a habitat for the Crocus. The cliffs at Steep Rock are free to visit and explore and they have a small cafe bar. You can also visit the trails there. 


And just like any other place, kindly respect the locals, the places, the culture. Leave only footprints and good memories there.