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By Nonita Mole

A lot of people was asking how my husband and I met? He is tall, good looking , intelligent, athletic and affectionate. I never kept it as a secret, but at the same time I wasn’t vocal about how we first met. People thought I met him in school. I was studying a continuing education in quality management in the same school in Winnipeg where he was taking Geomatics Engineering. But honestly , it wasn’t at school where we first met. I was a fresh immigrant, jobless and loveless. Out of boredom, I joined an online dating site. I posted one of my best picture and added some description 😊 He is one of the first respondents ❤️He winked at me and sent me a message. I saw in his profile that He was a student  and Canadian , and since he was just a student, I just ignored him. But he was persistent , till I gave in and gave him my phone number. He gave me a call. Then we chat . It wasn’t a perfect conversation. He spoke fast and I talked like I was just learning English. He asked me for a video chat in skype but I always made excuses. I only forwarded him photos, but I never did video chat. I started feeling like a teenager again. Every text message made me smile. Then after a week or two, we decided to meet at Polo Park. It was winter so I was fully covered when I went to meet him up. It was not difficult to find him because he exactly looked like in the picture . It was not love at first sight, it was attraction at first glance. He was 27, a lot more younger than I,so I lied about my age at first,like most woman do 😊 Our first few days of meeting up was all about getting to know each other and establishing trust. I started to open up and so was he. I don’t remember exactly when we were officially “ON”, we just noted it was December 12,2014. It was attraction, developed into love and intimacy. He was actually the first one I met in person on that site , then we both cancelled our accounts after meeting each other. Since my family was all in the Philippines, he became my constant companion, my driver anywhere and my best friend. It took us more than 3 years before we decided to get married.

Here are 3 TIPS  I suggest that you should consider in finding the right one online:


1. BE CLEAR WITH YOUR INTENTIONS. You are looking for a possible partner in life. So you know what kind of person you would like to meet online. Definitely , the person should be Single.

2. YOUR PICTURE SHOULD BE AN EXACT COPY OF YOUR APPEARANCE. Please don’t filter or edit your photos . Show your flaws, figure and height in the pictures. It’s better to look more beautiful in real than in photos , than the other way around. Don’t make him/her expect you look perfect in the photos.

3. DON’T MAKE IT TOO LONG TO COMMUNICATE ONLINE. Agreed to meet when you are done in your research about him/her and when you feel safe. Meet the person in a crowded place like in a mall. Tried to avoid video chatting more than once. That’s when they started to ask something naughty and lustful. Also, you don’t want to make it too long as there is a risk of falling in love with someone you might not possibly meet forever because they were probably just a married troll or a pervert dude in the site.


Online dating is a powerful tool to connect with anyone. If properly use, it can be a great start for friendship, love and marriage. However , not everyone in the dating site has a clean intention. It’s not always use for finding the right one. Sometimes it’s just use for fun, for lust and for sexual purposes. So , BE VERY CAREFUL. Learn about the person before meeting him/her. Research on google, Facebook , Instagram and linked-in .
Always remember, YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT ONE , not the WRONG ONE ❤️

This is my online dating story.