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By Nonita Mole

( About the writer: Nonita has 14 years of experience in QA, 8 years of those was in food industry where she did sensory evaluation and other food analysis, ensuring its quality. Nonita only started cooking on her own in her late 20s because her mom is a good cook )


The next food delivery I received is from HELLO FRESH. I like their online service better because they have an app that is more convenient in ordering and tracking delivery. I was able to receive an email at the time it was delivered.

I was so excited when I saw it in our doorstep.


The meal kit box is delivered by Fedex and placed on our doorsteps

Each recipe is wrapped in paper bag. Like GoodFood, the box is insulated and inside are plastics of ice.


The 3 recipes are packed in paper bags.


Meat products are separated with a carton and packed with ice.

I opened the first recipe. Everything looks fresh.

The instructions is less clear and concise as the first delivery service.
After I was done, I have my husband tasted it and he said, “ This is so far the best recipe you made from the meal kit !” I was able to make 6 fajitas (3 each) for my first meal.


My first recipe  ( Left photo courtesy of Hello Fresh)

The second recipe is beef which I think I have overcooked. The mashed potato is so light that my husband thought it came in as a powder.


My second recipe  ( Left photo courtesy of Hello Fresh)

The third recipe is my favourite because I love the taste of pork tenderloin dip in mayo with garlic and cilantro.


My third recipe ( Left photo courtesy of Hello Fresh)

Some additional PROS and CONS:


  • The online service with app and notification features are great.
  • The recipe is more general and common so it can be appreciated by more people especially the less adventurous ones.
  • The price is cheaper than the first meal kit service.


  • The menu’s name is less fancy and it gives less thrill in cooking.
  • Instruction is not very detailed.