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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)


I called this a slow day. Needed some rest to replenish some energy. My mom and I just went to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and started buying pasalubongs to be brought to Winnipeg. These are the food I missed. Then we went to eat in different fast foods. Price was actually way low compared to Canada. Note that price is “AS IS“ in the Philippines. No need to add taxes. Also, tipping was optional. Although I suggest it was always good to give tip for a job well done. 


Here some price ideas in a fast food:

BUDGET is 3-5CAD each meal :

CHOWKING - Siopao, pancit and halo-halo or chicken, rice, halo-halo and chicharon

MANG INASAL - Rice, pork or any ulam and drink

JOLLIBEE - chicken, rice & drink or chicken, spaghetti and drink

RED RIBBON - mamon or some pastries can range start at 1CAD

GREENWICH - 2 slices of pizza plus drinks can start at 2CAD

I also had my hair rebonded which only costs 60CAD compared to 250CAD in Canada, pedicure with spa for 6CAD vs 35CAD in Canada