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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)



This was a bonding time with my younger sister and I, since she’s off on weekend. 

We went to visit my former employer Universal Robina Corporation (URC)

Happy to see some great friends and co-workers at URC in my short visit. 


My 8 years in URC as Quality Analyst was truly a remarkable and amazing experience. Having to work a 12-hour shift for almost 7-day straight was like spending half of my 8 years of life at the company. That’s when co-workers became like a family, from the contract workers, maintenance, operators, supervisors and managers. There had been ups and downs for the company, from changing management to reorganization, from resigning to hiring and moving people. It wasn’t a perfect company. The pay was low, my career was stagnant, the working hours was too long and the vacation leave was hard to get an approval. But the people were great. I never missed a company outing, Christmas Party or sports fest. 

So glad to know co-workers being promoted from staff to supervisors, from supervisors to managers.

URC laboratory was more than just a workplace for me. It witnessed the smiles, the tears, the troubles, the solutions, the fights and the reconciliations. Back then, the Lab is the brain, as it controls the specifications, the eyes as it finds error/fault in the production and more importantly, the heart of operations. It is also the most tranquil, properly lighted, very well ventilated, cleanest and most organized area in the building.

Although it’s classified as a non-value activity in lean, there’s so much more to what makes the team indispensable and only lab people knows 😊🔬

My sister and I also went to Nuvali. I have seen lots of good photos from this place so I was tempted to go. We took public transportation. I suggest better to go here if you have a private vehicle. It was too far from Pila. And the long trip made you feel exhausted once you reached your destination. Especially the tricycle ride that was almost 30 minutes from Complex Santa Rosa to Vista Mall. But the good thing was seeing Tim Hortons at the mall. It was the taste of Canada in the Philippines. In here Tim Hortons was like a high-end cafe. A cup of coffee can already buy you a decent meal here. My sister and I walked down Nuvali Park, it was about 35C. I was perspiring and my feet were sore from walking. I couldn’t walk anymore so we just decided to go home after a good sip of Tim Horton’s ice capped drink.


I didn’t want sore feet to ruin my vacation. I put some ointment and then I was good to go. My sister and I also went to Isdaan.


ISDAAN (Floating Restaurant)

The food was just okay. The view was something that was worth the price of the food🌳🐟  This resto has only 3 branches; one in Laguna, one in Tarlac and one in Nueva Ecija. It’s worth to travel and see this amazing place 😊