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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)



I woke up from a loud speaker for an election campaign . The sound was so irritating that instead of thinking of supporting that candidate, you felt the reverse. It was only 7am . I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just started on doing what I was supposed to do. A good Filipino breakfast from my mother was prepared on table. I have pandesal, keso, hotdog, egg and coffee. I felt like a kid once more when everything seemed to be ready when I woke up. 

I took a bath using the tabo and balde with warm water. The shower that was installed was actually only aesthetics. It never worked. 

This was an easy day for me. No stress, no pressures. Just doing things that I liked to do.

Mom and I went for a walk in town.


PILA. I remembered being part of a research team for a project in promoting Pila as a national historical site back in 2002. That was the time when we reopened the Pila Museum and we published a book for the town.

Now, it was officially declared as the NATIONAL SHRINE OF SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA. To have a national shrine distinction, the sacred place should meet certain requirements and this honor is given by the National Episcopal Conference to recognize the church's special historical, cultural and religious significance. No wonder the town’s famous title is “The Blessed Town.”

In my town, everyone seemed to know each other. It was like walking and chatting with almost everyone along the street. 

Here are some of the famous titles that my home town is known for:

Bayang Pinagpala - The Blessed Town

La Noble Villa de Pila - Title given to the people’s nobility in tradition 

A town declared as National Historical Landmark (same title as Vigan, Ilocos Sur)

“The only town in the Philippines that is formally recognized as a historical site by both the church and the state.” (Wikipedia)

Pagalangan - The House of Reverence

Besides the church is the Catholic School where I graduated from high school. It brought back many precious memories.


Here are some of Pila’s Pride that I visited. Our delicacies & best restaurants/food outlets to visit & order just within Pila


  • LA COSINA ANTONIO- Big family celebration, good food , quality service, great times 🥘 
  • HERBS & BEANS - Quiet & cozy , good music, good for couple or small group of friends, good coffeE
  • Pila Night Market includes BONG-GA KA Tea & ALA-EH BATANGAS Cuisine - A very good night out place for barkada party or inuman with live music. It opens at 4 pm. Great meeting place while sipping a milk shake tea for the youth and feeling young
  • SR PEDRO- Roasted chicken with great taste and affordable price  
  • DEXTER’s PIZZA - A good delivery without delivery charge. The Shawarma Pizza & thin crust really tastes good  

You just have to choose which one is for you