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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)



I didn’t have enough sleep which I believed was normal for traveling . I didn’t let trivial things ruin my day. My flight was 7 am, so I should be at the airport at 5 (2 hours prior to the flight or even earlier is better). I had a good breakfast meal.

I made an accessible handbag for the following: 

  • Passport (have a photocopy or picture just in case you lost it)
  • Electronic ticket 
  • Wallet (that includes your identification, health card and insurance)
  • Cellphone  ( ensure that data is off if you don’t want to pay in excess of the plan )

Once at the airport, first thing I did was Checked in my baggage and got my boarding passes (in replacement of your eticket). I have 3 connecting flights, so I was given 3 boarding passes. I kept the other two for my next flight. I was given a claim stub for the luggage. Take a photo of these with your luggage, just in case you lose it.  Normally, baggage should be picked up at the country of destinations. Then I went to screening prior to the boarding gate. This is where you will place your handcarry on tray or carry-on luggage, your coat, laptop, and all other items except your clothes and shoes. Then I passed through an X-ray too. This was where my 2 pieces of Nutella were confiscated

All was well and done. I just needed to wait for the boarding time ️

It’s about a 2-hr flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver. 

Vancouver Airport is big. The gate number on my boarding pass is not yet indicated so I have to check it on that big screen on the departure monitor. If you have a long lay over time, gate number usually change so better keep yourself updated prior to boarding. 

If you have any further questions or if you get lost, speak and ask an airport employee. There’s no harm in asking.