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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)


Waiting for me at the airport was my husband. He looked at me like he hasn't seen me for years. That’s how much he missed me 😂


I was called in at the baggage claim office. I got nervous cause I thought I may have problems with the pasalubongs I brought. They mentioned that my baggages was left in Vancouver and will be brought on the next day to our house via courier. They said it’s not my fault but just because the plane was smaller it can not accommodate all the baggage. I was relieved, however, a bit disappointed because I was excited to open them.

So that's the end of my story.📖

“Leaving HOME 🇵🇭 to go back HOME 🇨🇦.

Nothing is sweeter than having two loving homes at both sides of the world 🌎 .

With a distance of about 7,000 miles from each other, travel time of about 20 hours, time difference of 11-12 hours. It takes several years to see each other again. If I can hold a moment , if I can pause the time, if I can build a bridge for shortcut. All these, I cannot, only I can take the photos, write a diary and keep the memories in my heart ❤️

Home 🇵🇭 is just a heartbeat away from Home🇨🇦 💗

Grateful to receive love from both sides of the world 🌎

And with this homecoming tala-arawan (diary), I’m sealing the memories with a kiss💋"