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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)


Time flew so quickly when you only have 20 days to stay. The last day of my short visit was a mixture of both happiness and sadness. We had an advance wedding anniversary celebration of my parents. I’ve seen the joys in their eyes when I surprised them with a customized cake with an edible photo of their wedding day, 43 years ago. Thank you to my schoolmate Thel of SweeetsbyThel for the customized cake.


The day was cut short when I have to depart at 6pm for my midnight flight. I hid my tears and so are they, as we wanted this to be a happy departure. My sister and cousins dropped me off to the airport. On our way, an earthquake of 6.4 magnitude hit the Philippines with some mild shaking experienced in Manila and some parts of Laguna. Manila airport was not affected , however Clark Airport was majorly affected and was temporarily close. 


At the airport, there were porters that would help you carry your baggage. I didn’t know what’s going on my mind, but I didn’t want others to touch my baggage and I knew I have to pay the porters. So I carried my two 23kg baggage by myself and two carry-ons and a handbag, as my sister was not allowed inside the airport. I went directly to the checked in baggage and from there, they gave me the claim stub and issued 3 boarding passes for my connecting flights. If you are travelling with a foreign passport, no need to pay for any travel tax and terminal fee. Travel tax should be included in the ticket fare while terminal fee is only applicable for Philippine passport holder.


My flight was late for nearly an hour . I will be travelling for about 3 hours from Manila to Incheon Airport. I could get into the free wifi at the airport because it was requiring a local phone for the passcode. 

I just patiently waited for my flight.