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(***Important things you want to know when travelling in the Philippines)



Activities for Holy Week was something that I missed in Canada. One of them is Visita Iglesias. This is a Catholic activity in the Philippines where we go visit 7 churches and recite the 14 stations, 2 stations each church. I was with my parents’ Couples for Christ Group. My father, as a devotee, was with us despite his present condition. His faith to get healed is strong. We visited churches in Pila, Linga, Pagsanjan, Cavinti, Luisiana and Lucban. Feeling blessed and healed, no matter how tiring it can be. The last church we visited was my father’s favourite, KAMAY NI HESUS. Hands of Jesus HEALING SHRINE- About 300 steps to reach the top. It seems high but once you reach the top, you’ll experience an amazing feeling from within. People have different beliefs. If the faith you have is what keeps you motivated, protected, healed and loved, keep that faith in your heart. This time my father was not able to climb the 300 steps, but he was at the foot while I climbed the 300 steps for him.